People use thermometers when they think they are developing symptoms of an illness.  If their temperature is between 97 and 98.9, it raises no concern.  If it is 99 degrees or higher, they wonder if it is a low-grade fever, a high-grade fever or just a fever, because that’s how they will describe it to others.

If the Sign V is used during the day, when you think you are developing symptoms of an illness, it will tell you if you have a low-grade fever, a high-grade fever, just a fever or no fever at all.


If the Sign V is used upon waking, it will tell you whether you can expect to develop symptoms of an illness, days before any signs occur.



"The key to preventing or mitigating an infectious disease epidemic is early detection, rapid response."

Dr. Lawrence C. Brilliant, Epidemiologist

...And, for women monitoring ovulation, the Sign V will tell her the day before ovulation occurs.

The Biosymtec System graph is an important tool for general practice and OB/Gyn subscribing physicians. 

The Sign V is the New Thermometer.

Early Detection, allows for Rapid Response, producing Better outcomes.

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