Early detection and rapid response are key to fighting pandemics.  The Biosymtec Infection Monitor alows individuals to monitor themselves daily for possible infections.  Users take their temperatures orally upon waking, before getting up.  By doing so, they are obtaining a very special body temperature called Basal Metabolic Temperature (BMT).  BMT tracks basal metabolism quite accurately, and therefore a rise in BMT indicates that an infection may have been acquired.  Immediately after the individual enters their BMT on The Biosymtec Infection Monitor, they receive an easy-to-read report that either no infection has been acquired, or if one has, the acuity of the infection is suggested through 4 levels.


The Biosymtec Infection Monitor

The Biosymtec Infection Monitor is a suite of web based programs that will detect Viral Infection days before symptoms. It is ready for use now! Typically a subscription based product, It has been made available for FREE during the COVID-19 Pandemic in order to assist in the detection of Viral Infections.

Using the Infection Monitor can keeps people out of the emergency room which may be full of contagious people.  Early detection lets individuals go to their physician and get tested for the flu and possibly for COVID-19 coronavirus, even before they are suffering from symptoms. 

There is nothing to download on your phone.  You can add an icon link to your smartphone so that you don't have to enter the address of the Infection Monitor each time you use it.  Go once on your smartphone to www.infectionmonitor.com and save it to your home screen.  This small, blue icon will appear and give you quick access.

Early Detection, allows for Rapid Response, producing Better outcomes.

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